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Return to me

I am learning so much this year. Learning to trust myself more. Learning to praise people more. Learning to connect more. To allow myself to feel, to love, to see myself in others. Because I am in them. I am feeling myself calling gentleness forward. Choking, pulling hair and fast fucks hardly appeal anymore. All I crave is gentle, soft, pure love. I am feeling myself reconnect with that little girl again who just wanted to make out. Nothing felt nicer. Just sweet, sensual lips on lips. Maybe the last jaded rocks are falling and the healing has begun. I hope so. Because I miss that girl and I think it is time for her return.


lover of the truth

One thought on “Return to me

  1. “…hardly appeal anymore…” Give it time – a little old lady (me) found real love that offers both & accepts my crazy. Leaping into love feels great, but then you land, and then you’ve got to continue walking as if you’ve not had this great fall. Life continues. Mark my comment – Anon


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