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You deserve to be seen, too

Sometimes I feel so brave.

I don’t know who to credit this feeling to.

It could be me or it could be you.

But i feel it boiling up,

Ignited by almost anything.

I feel like I’ve finally been awakened

Or maybe I am simply being reintroduced to myself.

Because this did not come out of nowhere.

I have lived with this my whole life.

Because I can remember.

I have the memories

Slowly raising their hands in the back of my mind.

Reminding me, “Um…teacher, we’re still here.”

And when I finally see them after so much neglect

I start to cry.

I whisper, “I am so sorry for letting the world silence you.”

“I am so sorry for being afraid to hear you.”

“I am so sorry for believing them over you.”

You matter, my soul.

You deserve to be seen, too.


lover of the truth

5 thoughts on “You deserve to be seen, too

  1. Learning to love oneself is learning to free ones own soul. We spend so much of our lives holding back from the truth burgeoning forth from deep in our hearts. It takes considerable courage first to recognize this and then to give voice to the soul within us. This experience comes from within us but is also catalyzed by the interaction we have with others or with a situation. Life lived brings out the soul and gives her a chance to be fully realized.

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    1. What I find so backwards is that I believe we are perfect as children and we already have the skill of listening to our soul. We are wise and intuitive but as we grow people or experiences tell us to stop trusting ourselves and start trusting them instead. At least, that was my experience. And now at the ripe age of 27 (Hehe) I am finally going full circle and seeing my intuition again. I am finally feeling child like again and I love it.

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      1. Yes. We lose some of our childhood openness to the intuited and soulful world as the price of admission into adult society. That is not in all instances a bad price to pay, for I think it is an improvement in life generally to refine that intellectual detachment from intuition that is not really possible in a state of total innocence. Having said that, once we start to obtain the wisdom that comes from a sometimes desultory (or even somewhat self-destructive) trek through adulthood, it is good to reclaim some of that childhood innocence at least in our openness to new experience and to ideas that do not fit into the normal paradigms of civilized society.

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