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Being jobless

Man, what a ride.

I feel like I’ve experienced every emotion known to human kind.

I was first down.

Then further down.

I felt the instant tears of rejection on my face.

I could feel my heart seizing.

I couldn’t breathe.

I felt like they had broken up with me.

All I kept thinking was, josh was right.

I felt betrayed.

How could they do this to me?

I felt worthless.

And then in that moment I realized I finally could relate to others who lost their job.

Finally I could feel their tears.

Finally I could feel their fears.

I was one of them.

And it brought me such compassion.

And now a month later all I want to say is thank you.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to feel this pain.

For without it, how could I relate?


lover of words

12 thoughts on “Being jobless

  1. I watched you read this on your Instagram story and thought it was absolutely beautiful, and I respect you for being able to say thank you for the pain. Sending love, and I really do hope things work out for you. ❤🙂

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    1. Wow. Thank you for watching it on my story. I was so uncomfortable in that moment but I do believe the spoken word holds power so I believe I will continue to read things out as I go along.
      And things will work out. They always do:)

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    1. I see you posted your study notes and I can’t comment on them? Lol
      First of all, you’re voluntarily taking chemical engineering? Loljk
      This coming from a finance degree person. Haha but I just read the notes and thought holy shit that class is a job in itself


      1. I actually graduated and got the degree last year. 😂. I have to take an exam for my license but since it’s pandemic, it got postponed.
        I’m posting some of my notes for personal reasons and I turned off comments and ping backs because I’m afraid it might annoy some of my readers. 😂

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      2. Thank you. 😂
        I thought that this is a good platform to archive some of my notes. In case some juniors from my uni asked me or something. 😂

        Thanks for the visit by the way.


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