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To be honest, I don’t get it.

I’m 28 and in a long term relationship, but with no kids.

So I know I can’t relate.

But seriously why all the fuss?

Why the desperation for your own child?

I’m not being cruel, I just simply don’t understand.

Are all the hormones really worth it?

Are all the long nights, hard cries, pity partying, fights with your partner to have scheduled sex, worth it?

Because I’m struggling to understand.

Why do you need your own?

Update to this post: 21/7/21

I have been made aware of the cost of adoption and also the shame this post probably brings.

I understand this topic is extremely sensitive and I never meant to bring shame.

I truly deeply just don’t understand wanting a baby that badly I guess.

I’m sorry though for what I said.

I never meant to hurt anyone.


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4 thoughts on “IVF

  1. I wasn’t going to respond because your blog post definitely left a sour taste in my mouth- so I kept scrolling, but something drew me to come back here and leave a reply. Did you know the cost of adoption is 40,000+, not to mention insurance doesn’t even cover it? That means someone would have to have at least 40K to adopt a child. IVF with insurance is actually pretty close to free if you have good insurance. That is just the financial part of it all. Another aspect of the process is wanting something, something that I noticed you can relate to, considering you wanted to move in with your penpal so you rehomed your dog. Something in my eyes I could never imagine doing. I would never ask you to enlighten me why you would do this- yet you feel the need to write the post that looks critical of those going through IVF to… almost… shame them? You may be thinking “Well look who is casting blame now” and that was not my intention, but rather to show you, there are always two sides to every story- and your post comes off REAL rough. If I was your friend, whom you talk about in this post, I wouldn’t be your friend for long.


  2. Can’t help you with this one I’m afraid my friend… I made the decision long ago to not have kids.
    Much as I love other people’s I’m not built for that kind of responsibility 😳🖤


    1. Ya I just am watching an old friend go through this self made struggle and I feel for her but I also think there are bigger issues in the world so my empathy is slightly smaller.
      Like why force destiny? If you’re suppose to have one, then you’ll have one. Don’t stress the small stuff.

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