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I’ve been using this app called, Noom, the past month and have been pleasantly surprised.

This app makes you log your weight everyday so you get over your fear of the scale, then it gives you ten minutes of reading every day so you educate yourself on why you eat the way you do, and lastly it gives you a goal specialist so you have someone who keeps you accountable on your journey who isn’t your partner or friend.

And of course, you track your food intake and exercise.

It honestly has given me back my control in my eating life and in my overall health.

I tend to be such an extreme person and do All or Nothing thinking, but through this app I was taught that that kind of thinking is a thought distortion. That means, it’s a lie. My all or nothing thinking not only isn’t logical, but it doesn’t work. For example, I thought I could never have ice cream in the house because I would eat it all. Because all or nothing. But this app taught me to practice exposure. So I did. And I can now say I’m a proud owner of a week old ice cream in my freezer.

Which means, I do have self control.

I can do this moderation thing.

I don’t have to be so restrictive anymore.

So extreme.

And that is really encouraging for me because I want this lifestyle to last. I’m tired of letting my cravings win. I’m tired of binging then feeling guilty. I’m tired of all of the negative thoughts.

And I am confident to say I truly believe I don’t have to live with them anymore.

I am in control.

I do respect my body.

And I will make this last.

Because like Jocko always says, discipline equals freedom.

It just takes a little discipline in the beginning for me to remember that I am an athlete and athletes take care of themselves, so why wouldn’t I?


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2 thoughts on “Progress

    1. I’ve never seen their ads but I googled best food app and it came up as number one for Australia. I actually paid the annual fee because it is cheaper so you’ll definitely hear more from me on it since I have it for a whole year.

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