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Lock down #2

Same time

Same place

Vaccine won’t come until October

I’m fine

I’m totally fine

Just going a little mental

Better than last year’s mental

But still

The antsy fretting won’t stop

I feel trapped

But I’m grateful to have a job

I feel caged

But I’m grateful no one I know has died

I feel tied down

But I’m grateful I still can run outside

I feel

I feel

I feel

But I can’t explain it


lover of words

5 thoughts on “Lock down #2

    1. And you have done an excellent job of it my dear.
      Yeah overall I am doing alot better than last year. So thank goodness for that.
      It’s just this antsy trapped feeling that tells me I have to always be productive or I’ll go mental mindset

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      1. Haha thanks 😁

        Yeah, I know what you mean. It can be difficult to just, well, stop.

        Glad you’re doing better this time round though. Hopefully the lockdown won’t last for too long.

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