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Tracking with Daylio

Hi there,

Back again.

So you know I track my food through Noom, but did you know I also track my emotions?

Yup. Started last week.

This lock down has given me alot of time for reflection… maybe too much time. Regardless, I decided I will take the advice from my reflections and start tracking more things about myself.

Like I said, I want to get to the bottom of myself.

I want to see my patterns.

So I decided to use Daylio.

What I love about this app is I can put notes in it along with my emotions.

If I am sad, I can write why.

And it has graphs and stats and everything a nerdy girl like me needs.

And honestly the best part is, it reminds me of the good days.

It actually shows me how many good days I have had in a month.

So if I am stressed or feeling down, I can look back and say this is factually temporary and such a small percentage of your life because I know I have more good days than bad, I just don’t always remember them.

And if you have more bad days than good, I’d strongly encourage seeing a therapist or in my case I used Better Help. It’s an online therapy company so if you prefer not looking someone in the eye with all your trauma, you don’t have to.

Anyways, lots of love.



lover of words

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