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Accept the wins

I’m proud I logged back into work and caught up on some emails for 2 hrs.
Totally procrastinated all day. Did other stuff all day but got it done.
Did stuff such as:
Cleaned the kitchen and bathroom.
Made coffees.
Took laundry down.

Put my clothes away.
Reorganized my closet and put my summer clothes in and winter out.
Meditated outside.
Had a long conversation about our future house with Josh.
Cooked myself brekky and lunch.
Went running.
Went through the weekly receipts with Josh and paid my bills.

And while doing that I did drink gin and tonic and beer and over eat some chicken and potato Josh made.
Not for any emotional reason.
Not because I was being impulsive.
I just love his cooking and I decided to say yes.
I know I’ll be bloated tomorrow.
And that’s okay.
I accept that.


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