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Anger is just the beginning

Don’t I know I have a problem with anger!

But lately I’ve been realizing its not a problem.
It’s a symptom.
Yes, I’m angry.
Yes, I was hurt.
But now what?
What am I going to do with that anger?

Will I let it sit and fester?
Because I’ve tried that and let me tell you, it does not feel healing. It feels like it’s tearing me apart limb from limb while I suffocate under water.

Will I let it fuel me?


Yes,  I will.

My anger toward injustice and inequality and obviously the lack of awareness around mental health is fueling me.

It is fueling me toward more education, more compassion toward other victims and more love toward myself.

Anger can fuel, but it cannot heal.

So if you’re seeking to be healed, please know the path doesn’t stop at anger.

It begins there.



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