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Dino mite

When I was a kid, I loved being weird and eccentric.

I once put all my winter clothes on at once and waddled out of my room saying, “I’m a snowman.”

Or I use to drip ocean mud on my legs at the beach until I was all covered up and say, “I’m the mud monster!!!”

In high school I use to skip down the halls and sing.

In university I use to compete with my friends about who got the highest score in our finance class and make dad jokes about it.

I’ve always been somewhat of a rebellious weirdo.

I’ve never wanted to be super cool.
Yeah I’ve wanted to fit in, but more importantly I wanted to be accepted for who I was.

And when I couldn’t find a group who would accept me, I’d usually just go searching in the library.
My people are always in the library.

So what I’m saying is, I like this about me.

And I’ll never stop being the onesie wearing weirdo who loves unicorns.

Because that’s me.



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