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You me and relief

It’s weird for me

Being in this space of peace

With you.

I act like this evolution is new, but really we’ve been here from the start.

Agreeing on what we wanted from each other.

Maybe not forever, but close.

And of course I battled with my fear of abandonment and rejection our first year, but that’s normal.

And thankfully after that year we’ve been good.

It’s just been,

You want me.

I want you.

So we’re together.

And there’s no games.

Because we’re too honest for that bullshit.

And too German. Lol

But still, even through all the ease of this, I still find myself reflecting on how I never want it to end.

Us is good.

Us plus marriage and babies, well that’s fucking scary.

Because I see the stories around me and they aren’t too successful.

So of course it makes sense why I don’t want those extra things.

Besides the fact they’re completely unnecessary, I am honestly content with how things are and I don’t think people get that.

I don’t want the next big thing.

I just want you.

And that may be a rare concept to grasp, but it’s true.

You’re all I need right now.

I love you, boo.


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