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So when are you getting married?

I’ve been to only three countries




So don’t talk to me about marriage or babies

Talk to me about travel

Tell me about the people in Iceland

Or the food in Germany

Or the love affair you had in Spain.

Talk to me about culture.

Because that’s all I’m interested in.


lover of the truth

4 thoughts on “So when are you getting married?

    1. Haha yes the Germany line was a joke I have with my partner. He loves Germany’s pretzels. But that’s it. And yeah I find the question very old school. But I also find it triggering and that is something I’m trying to let go of. I know why it triggers me but I don’t want to be glued to those emotions so it’s something I’m constantly reflecting on.

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  1. I can tell you about life in Taipei and about beautiful Peresang of the Rukai People, who’s filled with the magic of thousands of years of her indigenous culture (and was also married to a German IT!)

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