Posted in Being Vulnerable

Just a small town girl

I close my eyes and I see you

Swaying and grooving

With a wine glass in your hand you whisper,

“Brookie, close your eyes.


And as they sing, Don’t stop believing, I watch joy re-enter your body.

Your eyes are closed and all I see is your soul lifting and freeing from your daily depression.

So now whenever I’m surrounded by music, all i see is you.

And that freedom on your face.

And my tears start flowing as I wish

You could be free from your mind like that every night.

But instead you drink and resent.

And over and over I hear less and less joy in your voice

Yet I still hope that one day I can take you back to that vineyard

And watch you close your eyes once more and let a small town girl take your soul away.


lover of the truth

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