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Training for a 14k race

I have 2 months now to prepare for this thing.

I’ve done the distance before.

But not the 2k hill route before.

I’m a little nervous about the crowd.

But I know my friends will carry me through along with my partner.

It should be fun.

I imagine laughing and chatting and hopefully riding the runner’s high.

I can see myself crying with joy being surrounded by such beautiful parts of humanity.

And I can see myself being pain free with a tutu on and loving life.

But first, I need to train.

So I’ve changed my running days in order to run longer.

I was running Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

But I found that didn’t give me time to do much distance because I was resting Sunday.

Now I’m thinking I will try Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

But who knows.

It’s all an experiment really because at the end of the day I just have to listen to my body and decide if it is rested enough for another run.

Which is new for me.

I use to just run regardless, but of course that poor decision led to calf overload.

Which is very painful and inconvenient.

So I stick to listening now

And stretching, muscle cream relaxers, acupuncture and plenty of water.

And I feel great.


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