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Growth check in

1. I am now able to eat dark chocolate every day and not over eat.

2. I am now able to run a half marathon.

3. I am getting comfortable crying. I have cried almost every day the past two weeks and I see this as an accomplishment of facing my emotions in a healthy way.

4. I am letting go of my insecurity about my butt.

5. I am opening up to my partner more and checking my ego when it gets triggered.

6. I have meditated for 18 days straight.

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Sydney lock down therapy tips

So I just got off the phone with the psychologist

  1. Write a pro and con list of your situation right now and hang it at your desk.
  2. Create a booklet of small travel ideas within nsw that you can research and do since this is more realistic and gives you something to hope toward
  3. Shake things up. Play loud music and have a dance party. Do something to raise your vibrations.
  4. For panic attacks, try taking rescue remedy or putting a rubber band on your wrist and lightly snapping it so it grounds you back to reality
  5. Listen to motivational podcasts
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Insecure Ass

I’ve decided to let go of my insecurity regarding my butt.

My ass

My hiney


It’s time to stop comparing and start loving

I’m over the fretting and fussing if it’s strong enough

Juicy enough

Curvy enough

I’m done

I don’t care

Leave our ass alone

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Shame triggers

Let’s voice our shame for a second

I’ll start

One of my deepest fears is

I’m not smart enough.

This derives from many things but let’s say intelligence was worshipped in my house growing up.

My grades mattered so much that we actually got financially rewarded for high marks.

Each A on my report card granted me $5 or $10.

And each B or below granted me shame.

What happened here?

Why aren’t you doing enough?

Your sister got an A, why couldn’t you?

So here I am. 28 and still afraid I may be dumb.

Still afraid you’ll think I’m incapable

So of course I get defensive if you talk to me like I don’t know something.


My smugness and ego you see

is really not me

but a scared little girl hiding behind acting supreme.

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Why are we more insecure about our bodies than our hearts?

Where’s your heart at?

Is your love for others greater than yourself?

Have you sought to help someone else today?

Where’s your heart at?