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Friday morning bus ride

…why do I find confrontation in Australia so cute

I’m on the bus to lake parramatta and a guy pressed the stop button to get off.

But the bus didn’t stop right away so the guy was like, “HEY!”

And the bus driver then abruptly stopped the bus then said, “You gotta give me more time than that mate!”

And the guy immediately started apologizing instead of getting angry.

“Sorry, sorry about that. Merry Christmas!”

But the driver was still a little upset so as the guy was stepping off he replied, “No need to shout at me like that, mate.”

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A little reflection on my career

So I majored in Finance, right?

But did I know what I wanted to do with that?


I just chose Finance as a fuck you to my dad because he wanted me to do Accounting.

And I hated my Accounting classes.

Let’s be honest, no one likes accounting classes.

They’re full of dry words and jokes about balance.

So I chose Finance.

It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t miserable either.

And while I was studying I was also working on a hedge fund team for a major bank, so I thought this ain’t too bad right?

Until I realised after two years I was stressed, depressed and full of rage because my job was killing me from the inside.

But that’s the industry, right?

So suck it up, buttercup.

Yeah, nah.

So I moved across the country to another hedge fund team.

Now, that team I truly loved.

That team taught me everything and were also the first people who truly believed in me.

But then the company offshored my job two years later and again I was depressed and full of panic attacks.

So I jumped to another bank.

But this time not on a hedge fund team, but a treasury team.

This role was odd to say the least.

They hired me with no direction and left me to my own devices.

So what did I do?

I wrote letters to my pen pal.

For a year I got overpaid to do nothing.

But for the first time I wasn’t stressed or depressed, instead I was bored.

Very bored.

Next, I made a big leap and moved across the world to be with my pen pal.

I didn’t know where I would work or what I would do. I just knew what I didn’t want to do.

Now, three years later I have an inkling of what I may want to do only through multiple trials and errors.

And I’m realising this shit is hard.

This whole career thing.

I’m constantly curious and anxious about everything.

I want to know how everything works, but then I get too overwhelmed to start.

And unfortunately, this world doesn’t give you too many do overs.

At some point, I need to choose.

But at the same time I regret nothing.

My journey has been interesting and full of beautiful people who have changed my life so I thank the universe for all of it.

Even if it hasn’t been niche.

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Life is about

Flavors, I’ve decided.

As I sit here with my cappuccino and meat and cheese pie.

You may not think these two go together, but in Australia anything is possible.

Especially putting cinnamon in a meat and cheese breakfast heaven.

It tastes like childhood meets damsel in distress.

Does that even make sense?

Well, the flavors bring back memories and that’s all I need.

Many many fond memories of children laughing on the sand while my mom is making smores and my dad is warming the towels.

Life comes down to that, doesn’t it?


And what better way to get there then through food!

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You can always spot a kid in Sydney.

Regardless if they go to a public or private school, they all wear uniforms.

Very old school uniforms with hats, ties and bulky black shoes.

Honestly they look like maids or people auditioning for Mary Poppins.

It’s weird.

No child is in jeans.

They’re all dressed like adults, especially the boys. I see them on the trains normally wearing pants, ties and even jackets like they’re going into the office.

When did we decide to take their childhood away and replace it with adulthood at way too young an age?

I get establishing responsibility, but this shit feels wrong.

But I guess the one positive thing about it is they’re safe, right?

The adults know who are kids and who are adults on public transportation and so maybe that prevents anything weird from happening?

I don’t know.

I’m not a parent.

I’m just a quiet observer.