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Running with Joshes

So I first started running when I was in high school.

I had always hated running as a kid.

The tight chest.

Heavy legs.

And embarrassingly slow pace.

It was grueling and it made for a very angry little girl in PE class.

But when I became friends with a soccer player named Josh, I was inspired.

Because before every soccer practice he had to run 4 miles (6.4k) as a warm up and at the time I thought that was really far.

And fuck, it still kind of is when you think about it.

So one day out of curiosity and slight ambition, I asked to join Josh on his run.

Mind you, this boy was fast and he could do this run in his sleep, but he was nice enough to go my pace anyway.

Of course, I didn’t run the whole thing on my first go.

I walked and ran it.




But even 12 years later, I remember the day I ran the full 4 miles.

It was sunny and hot and I was feeling the runner’s high.

You know that feeling when your brain is masturbating to endorphins and suddenly you’re on top of the world?

Yeah, it was great!

It was actually fucking magical.

And I remember yelling, “I’m a soccer player!!!” as I crossed the finish line.

Josh laughed and hugged me and I just kept skipping and jumping in the air with excitement, so proud of what I had just achieved.

And from that moment on, I’ve stayed active.

Not only because it’s addicive, but because it is ridiculously rewarding.

And it brings me joy.




That I actually started coaching a group of women how to run this week

And I’ve never been happier.

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Train doodles

I feel like I’ve never cared so much

But I have before.

This isn’t the first time

I’ve put my soul into my work

Actually it feels like more than my soul

It feels like my soul’s soul

Is invested in this work too

And I love it

But fuck it’s stressful sometimes

And fuck I’m realising that’s okay

Stress can be okay

Anxiety can be okay

Everyone in my head can be okay

To the point that I’m going to name them, “Kay.”

Now let’s all relax and go for a run, Kay 1 Kay 2 and Kay 3.


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Common Sense

I don’t believe in it

It’s too easy

You and I share some objective understanding about life?

I doubt it.

I think this phrase “common sense ” was coined in order to distance “educated” people from “uneducated” people.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it sounds too othering to me to be factual.

To me, “common sense” just sounds like one big assumption that we’re all raised the same and have the same beliefs.

But we weren’t and we don’t.

Though one thing we do like to do as people, is pretend we’re better than some one else.

Because it helps us avoid our own flaws.

So when you say, “common sense isn’t too common.”

What you’re really saying is, “I’m smarter than you and therefore I’m better than you and I feel good about that.”

And I’m not okay with that.

That’s gross.