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He is heaven in a body

Sweet perfume

With those pleather alligator boots

I’d ride him like a gorilla

Smashed against the glass

But I can’t seem to reach him

With that dimple

His face becomes too alluring

That I get lost in the wave of women

Waving for his attention

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Inspired by the famous rambler

Do you ever dream with poems floating in your head

Like little cigarette butts in the ocean.

Do you ever see them taking shape from the smoke they create

Or is it just a dud potion.

I wonder sometimes what would happen

If I let them take form

Would they be unique

Or just the norm.

But I also think, would it be cruel to trap them

When they look so happy floating there.

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Walking poems

Reaching for you

As you descend into dust

Hoping and praying that it must

Not be true

That you and him

Can make it work

If only it was that sim-ple

But he is not your herc-ules

He is your enemies


And I hold the keys

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Dark desires

I drink from the well,
your blood,
from when you fell.

Oh, how I loved that day,
seeing your body,
in the bay.

Wishing I had pushed you,
Which I’m sure you already knew.

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Dear dad

My feelings about you seem to waiver between resentment and gratitude

And I don’t know how to live between the two

So today I am choosing gratitude.

I’m choosing to see the best in you

Even when I know you will never change.

I’m choosing to see the best in you

Even when I know you don’t see the best in me.

I’m choosing to see the best in you

Because I’m tired of judging you.

You have your demons

And I have mine.

But today I choose to see your wings.

Because you have never left me

And have always told me you love me

Even if your actions didn’t show it.

At least I heard it.

Because many women I know haven’t.

So I’m grateful for that.

For your love and your choice to stay,

Mr. Ray.