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Pocketing a Laugh

Do you ever wish you could pocket a laugh? You hear it pounding behind you and think, “I want that! I want that in my pocket right now!” Well that’s what it’s like for me every time I hear Josh’s laugh. It is the loudest, most infectious laugh I have ever heard. And it reminds me of mine without the insecurity bit. Unfortunately, I was teased a bit for my loud laugh back in school. Nothing scarring or anything, but just something I’m constantly reminded of when I laugh. And what I love about Josh is that the thought is never there with him. He laughs recklessly and joyously and I can’t help but envy him and love him more for it. All I want to do when I hear it is seize it and carry it in my pocket for days to come. Days I may want to scream and throw my hands in the air, instead could be solved with a little pocket laugh. A little tee hee hee at my cubicle could make all the difference in my day. Honestly. Or I want to pocket that laugh for days I may need a laugh initiator because I just can’t get there on my own. You know? Those are the days his laugh would come in clutch.

So what I am getting at is just fucking laugh man. Find the funny and just do it because no one gives a shit how loud your laughs are and if they do well then they are just a bunch of haters anyways.