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Growth check in

1. I am now able to eat dark chocolate every day and not over eat.

2. I am now able to run a half marathon.

3. I am getting comfortable crying. I have cried almost every day the past two weeks and I see this as an accomplishment of facing my emotions in a healthy way.

4. I am letting go of my insecurity about my butt.

5. I am opening up to my partner more and checking my ego when it gets triggered.

6. I have meditated for 18 days straight.

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Falling with style

If you know where I got my title, tell me. I’d like to unite with some old school Disney kids.

So I fell today.

Just a little curb trip during my run. Nothing crazy. I did sit there for a bit on the pavement chuckling to myself. I do that when I’m in pain. I googled it, laughing is some kind of defense mechanism I guess. It works for me.

Anyways, I was really grateful though that when I tripped a cyclist saw me and stopped to check on me. He was a typical Aussie grandpa. Very sweet, very calm and just asking me questions. “Did you break anything? Just breathe. Don’t move right away. Is your elbow okay?”

And the whole time I was just laughing with embarrassment and thinking, “what a kind soul.”

After a couple minutes I was fine though and I told him, “Thank you for stopping. I gotta keep running now. ” and so he left and I continued on my way, but in all honesty, he made my day.

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So the shopping is still going on.

I bought new running sunnies.

Don’t worry! Leggings are still an obsession.

But these new sun glasses were the next needed buy.

Goodr is seen on alot of ultra runners, including Courtney Dauwalter, who is kind of my hero. And obviously if she’s wearing them, I need them too. Yes, I am that easily influenced. But honestly, they’re worth it. The colors are bright and fun and make running even more enjoyable. I know caring about fashion while running sounds stupid, but it actually does bring more joy to my life when I wear a cute outfit while exercising. Also, being comfortable while uncomfortable is really important. Running long distances isn’t easy so why make it harder by wearing shitty sunglasses that slip all the time?

Might as well do the research, see what the professionals are wearing and see if those brands are worth investing in.

So I did.

And I love them!

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Keto friendly

This year I’ve really been playing around with different keto strategies.

It’s been really fun to explore different diets in my life and I’m always so curious how my body will react.

I’ve tried vegan, vegetarian, carnivore and now keto. I’m not really a strict rule follower, more of a friendly follower. But I am finding keto pretty amazing. I love feeling full. I love not snacking. I love eating big protein dense brekkies. Lately I’ve been craving fish so I’ve been frying up basa fillet in butter in the morning then I fry up some bacon and eggs. I can put down. And after that I don’t eat for probably 4 or 5 hours. Just depends on what I’m up to. Then I air fry some broccoli and cauliflower for lunch, maybe have a couple potatoes (that’s where I lose the strict keto people) and then for dinner I might have some canned tuna on Gouda cheese slices.

It’s all pretty simple. I’ve never been one to stay long in the kitchen so it works for me. I like efficient eating.

And my tummy likes it too. The bloating is gone. There are no munchies in the middle of the day or exhaustion at 3 for no reason.

I feel good.

Maybe this diet will actually stick around?

Who knows?