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Preventing burn out

I’m not insane

I know what burn out looks like

Feels like

Tastes like.

It is stress on steroids.

Hence the addiction.

But I don’t use the needle anymore.

I’m lucky.

I’ve learned.

Through pain of course.

But eventually, I learned

That my worth is not wrapped up

In my productivity.

Because it is already innately wrapped up in me.

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Going to Brisbane

As my last trip got cancelled, I’m excited to say I’m finally going to Brisbane for work.

Though as luck would have it, I have the sniffles and I don’t feel 100%.

But I tested multiple times and it’s not the C word so that’s good.

Regardless, I’ve thrown the kitchen sink at it. As rogan would say.

I have taken vitamin c packets, olive leaf, sudafed, ibuprofen and plenty of water.

I’m determined for it to not progress because currently it’s at a manageable level.

And who knows? It could be allergies with all this change in weather in Sydney.

All I know is I can’t cancel my trip again.

It’s too important.

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Growth check in

1. I am now able to eat dark chocolate every day and not over eat.

2. I am now able to run a half marathon.

3. I am getting comfortable crying. I have cried almost every day the past two weeks and I see this as an accomplishment of facing my emotions in a healthy way.

4. I am letting go of my insecurity about my butt.

5. I am opening up to my partner more and checking my ego when it gets triggered.

6. I have meditated for 18 days straight.