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So the shopping is still going on.

I bought new running sunnies.

Don’t worry! Leggings are still an obsession.

But these new sun glasses were the next needed buy.

Goodr is seen on alot of ultra runners, including Courtney Dauwalter, who is kind of my hero. And obviously if she’s wearing them, I need them too. Yes, I am that easily influenced. But honestly, they’re worth it. The colors are bright and fun and make running even more enjoyable. I know caring about fashion while running sounds stupid, but it actually does bring more joy to my life when I wear a cute outfit while exercising. Also, being comfortable while uncomfortable is really important. Running long distances isn’t easy so why make it harder by wearing shitty sunglasses that slip all the time?

Might as well do the research, see what the professionals are wearing and see if those brands are worth investing in.

So I did.

And I love them!