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You sit in my memory like a lover

Legs wide open


Pleading for my mouth on yours

And I stand there

Smelling your fragrance

Trying to deny your beauty

But I can’t deny that

I’m empty without you,


So don’t stop teasing me

With your brown luscious liquid, baby.

Because every morning that’s all I look forward to.

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Life is about

Flavors, I’ve decided.

As I sit here with my cappuccino and meat and cheese pie.

You may not think these two go together, but in Australia anything is possible.

Especially putting cinnamon in a meat and cheese breakfast heaven.

It tastes like childhood meets damsel in distress.

Does that even make sense?

Well, the flavors bring back memories and that’s all I need.

Many many fond memories of children laughing on the sand while my mom is making smores and my dad is warming the towels.

Life comes down to that, doesn’t it?


And what better way to get there then through food!

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So this week I’ve changed it up.

Instead of waking up and logging into work, I’ve decided to wake up and walk.

And man what a difference it has made!

I’m already an active person, but this new ritual is different.

It feels serene and maybe even spiritual?

Just seeing the water and getting that first glimpse of the sunrise does something to me.

It lights me up. Not just physically, but emotionally.

I actually feel lighter after I’ve walked to my coffee spot with the $3 almond milk flat whites and taken a stroll down to the wharf to see the sun reflect off the river.

And here I was thinking, isn’t sleeping in so grand?

But I’m starting to find out, it isn’t.

The sunrise is grander.

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Never woke up in my dreams

I’ve been up since 6am.

And it’s Saturday.

Why, you might ask?

No reason.

Just my body clock telling me to pee.

Though, I have to say, I love this time of day.

Cuddling with him.

Being his big spoon.

Looking out the window

Watching the wind flirt with the tree.

It’s been magical

This morning.

And it’s not just this morning

It’s every Saturday morning.

We sit here

Sip our coffee together

And I dream.

I dream about my past dreams.

How I always wanted this

A man

A coffee

And a book

Wrapped into one.

But honestly, it doesn’t feel real!

How did I get here?

I ask myself.

Do I even deserve this?

My man is literally cooking me breakfast right now.

Truly, I don’t deserve all of this?!

It is too beautiful.

Too loving.

Too perfect.

And I know people say perfect doesn’t exist.

But those people never woke up in my dreams.