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I’m a goal whore

Sometimes I think I make so many goals because just to feel proud of myself.

How sad is that?

But then when they don’t get accomplished, I feel like a fraud.

Because maybe I’m not the achiever I think I am.

So then I make new goals

And get really hyped about those

And I run with that hype for 6 months.

But then it fades and I decide I’m a changed woman and want a new goal.

So I make more goals.

And more goals

And still more


Because it’s not the goals I’m addicted to, it’s the newness. The revigoration.

The hype.

So I may not be a goal whore after all, but actually a hype whore?

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Combine air Concord

This month I’ve decided to change it up.

Instead of just running, I’m going to trial 3 different gyms this month to see what classes work for me.

Maybe it’s from the new fall season or the conversation I had with a friend, but I feel inspired.

I’m ready to be pushed and since I’ve always wanted to try crossfit.

So I thought, why not now?

Why not start the same year I go back to visit my family after 3 years of not seeing them?

Why not show them what 30 can look like with some discipline and hard work?

Because I want to look fit.

And I especially want to look like the athlete I believe I am.

So here goes nothing.