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Dear Cindy

I want you to know today that you are on fire

You have the strength of the sun

You are brightening up the moon and the world with your love for humanity

You are so capable of your power

And you will stand up for your rights and will not be shaken by the night

You are unstoppable and unbreakable

And I will always support your light

So fucking shine bright today!

And be the woman I know you to be

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Today I ordered you birthday donuts. They’ll be delivered next Monday, on your birthday. Your sad, lock down birthday. And I hope they make you smile even though we can’t celebrate.

If we could celebrate, I would bring you flowers and balloons and decorate your house with confetti. I’d want you to know just how special you are to me and how grateful I am for your presence in my life.

But for now, donuts will have to do.

Because you deserve it, boo.