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Sydney lock down therapy tips

So I just got off the phone with the psychologist

  1. Write a pro and con list of your situation right now and hang it at your desk.
  2. Create a booklet of small travel ideas within nsw that you can research and do since this is more realistic and gives you something to hope toward
  3. Shake things up. Play loud music and have a dance party. Do something to raise your vibrations.
  4. For panic attacks, try taking rescue remedy or putting a rubber band on your wrist and lightly snapping it so it grounds you back to reality
  5. Listen to motivational podcasts
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This is my safe place…anxiety attack

I don’t know why my anxiety is so bad today. I just feel so overwhelmed and like I can’t cope. I feel like crying alot. I feel restless. I feel just on the verge. Like I’m trying everything I can do to be healthy and do the right thing and it’s so hard. These feelings are so hard. Choosing not to numb myself is so hard.