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He is heaven in a body

Sweet perfume

With those pleather alligator boots

I’d ride him like a gorilla

Smashed against the glass

But I can’t seem to reach him

With that dimple

His face becomes too alluring

That I get lost in the wave of women

Waving for his attention

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Too afraid of the past

I wish I had kept my old instagram. I wish I hadn’t started over due to insecurity. I would delete posts or delete my accounts when I started dating someone new. I didn’t want them to visit my past. I didn’t want them to compare our present to my past. I wanted a clean slate. But now I look at people’s instagrams who have nothing deleted and I feel envious of them. I envy their confidence in their past decisions, something which took me a long time to learn. I now love when I see posts of people’s ex partner’s still on their page even though they’re married to someone else. To me, it shows honesty. Something I wish I knew more about back then.